Haunting Ch 1-5

Haunting 6-10

Haunting 11-13

Haunting 14

15 thru Epilogue

This is obviously a work of fiction based on the characters from Stargate SG-1. As with most of my SG-1 fiction, it is set in a slightly alternate reality.

It was created solely for the amusement of myself, my family, and my friends in the Stargate fan community. I own no rights to any of the characters and have received no remuneration for this work. (I sure wish I could take what I’ve spent on paper and ink cartridges, not to mention Internet and Website fees, off my income tax, though. Sadly hobbies don’t count as deductions.)

Large thanks to Alison for betaing the whole thing; to Christine for allowing me to borrow Bailey and for some helpful advise and suggestions; and to both the above, as well as Betty, Jess, and Jeff for their encouragement. Lastly a big thank you to the Point Place Writer’s Group for listening to me babble on about SG-1 every month for the past year. It came about because of a Writer’s Group assignment to write a spooky or scary story.

This is my first adult attempt at a mystery. Let me know what you think.